Paul Rudd Joins All-Star Cast of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ for Explosive Second Season: Laughter and Intrigue Await

Paul Rudd is set to join the cast of the popular TV series “Only Murders in the Building,” as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The comedic thriller, which has already captured the audience’s attention, stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez as amateur sleuths investigating a murder in their upscale New York City apartment complex.

Rudd’s inclusion in the series adds to the anticipation surrounding the show’s second season. He is expected to play a pivotal role as a key suspect in the ongoing murder mystery. The show’s unique blend of humor and suspense has garnered praise for its intriguing plotline and the chemistry between the main cast members.

The series follows three true-crime enthusiasts who find themselves embroiled in a real murder case when a resident of their building is found dead. As they delve deeper into the investigation, secrets and motives emerge, leading to unexpected twists and turns that keep viewers engaged.

Rudd’s involvement is bound to bring his comedic talent and acting prowess to the forefront, enhancing the show’s appeal. With his character becoming one of the prime suspects, fans can anticipate even more excitement, laughter, and suspense in the upcoming episodes.

As “Only Murders in the Building” continues to captivate audiences, the addition of Paul Rudd promises to elevate the series to new heights, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the unraveling of the murder mystery and the comedic escapades that come with it.

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