“Stephen Curry issues warning to NBA after Warriors’ loss to LeBron-less Lakers”

Stephen Curry, the superstar point guard of the Golden State Warriors, issued a warning to the rest of the NBA after his team’s recent loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, who were without their own superstar LeBron James. In a postgame press conference, Curry stated that the Warriors are still a dangerous team and should not be underestimated.

The Warriors were defeated by the Lakers by a score of 117-91, with Curry only managing to score 16 points in the game. Despite the loss, Curry remains confident in his team’s abilities and wants to remind the league that they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Curry is well aware of the challenges his team has faced this season, including injuries and COVID-19 protocols, but he maintains a positive attitude and believes the Warriors will be able to compete at a high level in the playoffs. With the return of star forward Draymond Green, who missed several games due to injury, the Warriors are looking to make a strong push towards the postseason.

Overall, Stephen Curry’s warning to the NBA serves as a reminder that the Warriors are still a team to be feared, despite their recent struggles. As the playoffs approach, it will be interesting to see how the Warriors perform and if they can live up to their superstar’s bold statement.

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